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Important Information and Helpful Hints
WARNINGS: As with any candle product never leave a burning candle unattended. Always keep all of our products out of the reach of children and pets. Do not burn candles in an area with a draft. Do not burn candles near fabrics, papers or any flammable objects. Do not ingest any of our products or use on skin. Discontinue burning when 1/4" wax remains and never burn below wick tab. Always use candles with extreme caution and at your own risk.

To prevent sooting and excessive smoke keep wick trimmed to as short as possible. Smoke is created by excess wick. Please keep in mind any candle with a high fragrance load will have some smoke but if wick is trimmed to as short as possible then there will be no sooting.

Our candles are all hand poured so there will be slight variances. We are a custom product in every sense of the word.

If you experience uneven candle burn then you are not burning your candle for long enough on each lighting. While we can provide candles that have an even burn regardless of how short of a time they burn, in the process scent is sacraficed. As we are all about fragrance we are retaining our current formula to provide the strongest scent possible therefore you may experience uneven burn if not burnt for long periods of time each lighting.

When the scent seems to have faded on your wax dipped bear simply refresh fragrance with a quick blast of a hair dryer.

All of our candles can be used in your tart burner. If you have a votive and no tarts you can use the votive - it will work just the same! Be careful though - when the wax liquefies it expands significantly so make sure the candle you put in isn't too large or you will have a huge mess!

Use remaining wax from any candle in your tart burner, never waste a thing.

Our jars are the standard 3" diameter and will fit into the melters that hold jars. The wick will not cause a problem but if you prefer we can make them without a wick just let us know.

To create your own custom scents mix different scented cookies, tarts, chips, or oils together in your melter. Who knows you may create our next best selling fragrance - let us know your favorite creation - heck we will name it after you!

To remove candle remains from a jar, container, or tart burner: Allow wax to harden and place in freezer for 15-20 minutes. Wax will pop right out!

With so many of you making your own body lotions and soaps we are frequently asked if our oils are skin safe. Our oils are for candle making and are not safe for use on skin.

When you first put the reeds into the oil you must allow several hours for the oil mixture to travel up the reeds. To kick start your reed diffuser, spin reeds. To refresh reed diffusers flip over the reeds. If flipping reeds no longer refeshes the scent then they have become clogged. Replace them with new reeds.

Customers have told us that they have purchased cake candles from other manufactures and experienced blow outs. While we have been manufacturing our cake candles since July of 2002 and have never had a customer report this problem we were concerned. Therefore when burning our largest cake candle there will be wax remaining as we are using a slightly smaller wick in an effort to prevent this from ever happening to our cake candles.

Something you want to know that you don't find here? Email us and ask - we will also add the information to this page.